A Perfect Day in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and a city full of inspiration. In this video, we spend a perfect day exploring some of Helsinki’s top attractions. Finnish design is …

35 thoughts on “A Perfect Day in Helsinki, Finland

  1. Rob's Quest says:

    Always thought about going to Helsinki but never had a clue how it'll be, thanks for giving me a brief overview what to expect. Looks nice, especially the architecture ! The library and the chapel look super interesting.

    I have a problem with gourmet restaurants – the size of the meals are just too small, lol. I get the purpose behind it but I always think "what to eat next" after having or seeing this 😀 Cozy place to live in!

  2. Ella in Wanderlust says:

    The design museum looks really cool. Crazy to see that hold computer yet I used one of those once lol. The Moomin figure is really cool. I like how there's a whole café dedicated to Moomin. What a busy day you guys had! What time of year did you visit Helsinki?

  3. Go Travel On The Cheap says:

    Looks like my kind of chair for video editing, hahaha. We aren't museum people most of the time, but this one looks intriguing. How much did it cost? Cool looking library. Idk if April could walk across that roof, what with her balance issues! 😆 Never heard of that kind of grass before, interesting. We are pretty particular about our Airbnbs, and this one looks outstanding! I have to ask again, how much did it cost a night?

  4. maijasii says:

    I really hope that you will go or have been already on Suomenlinna Island in Helsinki! That's the number one tourist attraction in whole Finland. It's an old fortress only 15min ferry trip from the city center. And it's also a home for 800 people, including me (well not anymore, but I spent the first 22 years of my life there :D) Highly reccomend!

  5. Shaun Garratt says:

    Really interesting video, definitely a fun day. You guys always manage to find really intriguing museums and attractions. Didn’t realise how many famous designs were from Finland, nor that the Moomins were from there. Used to like them as a child. Have been to Helsinki myself, but just for a short work conference. Would be great to go back and see more of the city.

  6. ANTONIO M. M. FRAGOSO says:

    I was there some years ago, and i was in a little Oktoberfest and i loved everything! 5 years ago i visited again Helsinki with friends and they loved too! Nordic countries are amazing, specially Finland, Sweden, Germany and Iceland! Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹👍🏻

  7. Markus Harmaa says:

    I've been to Helsinki many times. You two did an excellent job of capturing the feeling – especially the new things that have. Become a part of one of the loveliest cities in the world. Kiitoksia paljon!!!

  8. Ari Laine says:

    How many products did you found that you didn't know are from Finland? Once again (luckily 🙂 ) you managed to find great and interesting places. So glad that you have enjoyed your trip here 🙂 I enjoy your happy attitude and your joy of finding new places and foods. We finns sometimes forget that our everyday life can be a bit exotic and different (in a good way, obviously 😉 ) for people from other countries 🙂

  9. Linda Louwagie-Neyens says:

    What an inspiring way to kick off the new year! Fabulous video! You've found yet another place that we HAVE to visit!!! I'd want to spend literally all day (or more) thoroughly experiencing the Design Museum. I love the Moomins, too. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the public library. It's so refreshing to see a public space that is all inclusive, family friendly, inspires creativity and knowledge. Wow! I was struck to see the beautiful Church of Silence. It's interesting and inspirational that the Lutheran Church teamed up with the mental health association to provide a space for silence, such a valuable commodity that can be easily overlooked. Very wise. Every place you featured, including your Airbnb, and the food you ate – everything in Helsinki- seems imbued with so much thought and love. This has been an all-around inspirational video, guys, and definitely one of your best!

  10. Aurinkohirvi says:

    Oh, and Marc, I have (rather loud) continuous tinnitus in ears too. Got it about 20 years ago working in a noisy job, and it was first driving me crazy. But now it's just a bother, missing part of the high pitch frequency, and making speech harder to hear. Not nice to have, but at least it's not an illness nor a serious disability.

  11. Aurinkohirvi says:

    You are so smiling and laughing, it's catching, and I smile this side of the screen too.
    I'm a Finn, but I've visited Helsinki only a few times when passing through for cruise ships. So I can't recommend anything there, and am seeing in your video places that I do not know, so it's interesting to me too. Helsinki is good for street arts and concerts, but in summer. A metal live music bar/restaurant there, that would be a Finnish thing.
    Watched a video of natural history museum in Helsinki, and it was pretty cool how they surrounded you with them animals and plants in corridors and rooms. And how in the displays animals were arranged like they were alive, walking in packs, predators chasing them and so on, with sceneries expanding behind them so it was more like watching out from a frozen, back in time window.

  12. Gina Friend says:

    I'm thinking about the cleaning crew in the library. All those little fingers all over everywhere and washing all those curves when kids are sliding, etc.
    Very round and curved areas in this part of Helsinki. Dinner was quite interesting! Miss your replies lately. Enjoy! 😉

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